Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Warning: Pity Party

My best friend and I have a saying: Nothing is ever easy. You know, like when you just want to go pour yourself a glass of water only to realize all the glasses are dirty, and you have to stop to wash one. Or when you need to run a quick errand only to find that you have a nail in your tire. Suddenly the quick errand takes up half a day. Or when you need your three children (who are old enough to dress themselves) to put on their sock and shoes so you can hurry to get out the door, and they all start complaining that there are no socks in their you have to dump out the pile of laundry onto the floor and search for three pairs of matching socks.

Nothing. is. ever. easy.

I'm feeling like those kinds of days have become my every day. Since I started homeschooling the girls this year, there are constant "interruptions" like that. And I'm feeling quite overwhelmed. I used to feel a sense of when I would actually get the bed made.

My husband owns a business. It demands many hours from him. So it's become my job to tend to all things home-related: children (that alone is HUGE!), cleaning, shopping, cooking, finances, the list could go on and on. He helps when he can, but I feel a heavy weight on my shoulders because I know he has his own heavy weight with the business.

All that to say...even with early mornings and late nights, I still feel like I'm on the spin cycle. I don't think I accomplish one thing well. I get a lot of things done, but they're all frayed at the edges.

So here's where I have to tell myself to stop the pity party. Quit whining. Nothing of value is ever easy (right??). Allow God to determine how my days go, and surrender to it. (Easier said than done.) But I must...because if I compare my frayed edges to the nice, neat edges of another mom with a different set of circumstances, I'm not measuring apples to apples. God has set me in this crazy life for a reason (some days I'd really like to have a glimpse of the results), and I must MUST realize He'll equip me for it. It's easy to forget that among the moutains of laundry, piles of dishes and three whining children who don't want to finish their schoolwork.

Have you found the ONE THING you do well, even if it isn't easy?

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