Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Little More, Please

Husband out the door to work early.

Just me in the quiet, early morning, doing my Bible study, then strolling through blogland. My favorite hot coffee next to me. My favorite waffles, hot with syrup on top, and fresh strawberries to the side, sitting right in front of me.

Little girl with sleepy eyes bursts into the living room, asking if she can get puppy out of her crate.

Big girls still blissfully asleep.

Isn't this what life is about? Isn't it?

Yet...I sigh. I know the day's about to begin. And I want more.

Just a few more minutes alone.

Please, oh please, let them sleep a few more minutes.

Just a little more coffee. A few more strawberries.

Always more.

And when I get more...I still want more.

I've discovered I want more of the wrong things. More of anything on this earth isn't going to make me content. Only One can do that...more of Jesus.

And somehow, when I get more of Him, I still want more of Him; yet in my wanting more of Him is where I find contentment. And the wanting more of everything else falls away.

He is where I find less of me and more of Him.

He is what life's about.

Nothing more.

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