Thursday, January 20, 2011

Change Happens

I'm not a fan of change. I don't know many people that are. Despite all I try to do to keep things the same, changes have been abundant over the last 5 years:

I stepped out of my twenties into the thirties, and am now over halfway through them.

My marriage underwent some drastic changes...some bad, many good.

My family changed churches, more than once.

We've seen friends come and go. (We're so thankful for the ones that stayed!)

We moved to a new home.

We quit public school to homeschool.

God led me to share my personal business with the world...thus, this blog.

And now, the possibility of yet another change...

Change happens. And the uncertainty of it leaves me with unanswered questions. I think that's probably the case for most people. And in the midst of the questions, a somber mood fills the atmosphere. The unknown is scary, intimidating.

In last night's choir devotional, my friend Lisa talked about keeping our eyes on God. She pointed out that He knows the end of the story. I know probably know that. Yet we forget. The story has already been written. The ending is for our good and His glory. And all good stories weave a tale of change before the ending is revealed. It's in the change, the waiting for the ending, that reveals where our eyes are focused. They're either focused on that one little changing page paragraph of the story, or they're focused on the Author, who wrote the ending.

Where are your eyes focused in the midst of change? 

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  1. I differ somewhat here. I like change. My husband is working towards a job completely different from his current position. I would love for this to move our family to another area, state, whatever. It has been so long for him to take steps and follow God's plan that I am up for anything. BUT, I often wonder if I am up for change just so I can leave my current situation and not have to deal with it.

    I like the idea that I can move on and my junk can stay behind. I know that is not the case and my junk will still be my junk whether I stay here or move. At least, I think I know that. :)

    During this time, I just pray for guidance for my husband and for him to have strength to step out of the boat if that is what he is called to do.