Monday, January 24, 2011

Unfaithful Folks

God is faithful. We are not.

And for some reason beyond my understanding, He loves us and keeps His promises to us.

Take Abraham as an example. God cut a covenant with him. In that covenant, God promised Abram that He would give the surrounding land to his descendants. At the time of the covenant, Abram and his wife, Sarai were aging and still had no children. And (fool that he was) Abram heeded his wife's decision to let him take her maid and conceive a child. (Did I put that as nicely as I could? I hope so!) God didn't intend for Abram to take matters into his own hands (literally)...He was going to provide Sarai and him with a child from their own bodies. Abram wasn't faithful to wait on God's promise. And, really, he wasn't faithful to Sarai either. Yet God eventually gave them a son, and as promised, Abraham became the father of many nations.

Another example is David. Wonderful King David...a man after God's own heart. This was a young man whom God selected from the fields of sheep to become a king. How exciting! Surely David thought that he was so blessed. He must've been so thankful, and surely doubted that he'd ever be unfaithful to his God. Yet he was the same man who committed adultery and murder, among a list of "lesser" sins. Still, even with all the consequences David had to pay in his lifetime, he is among the lineage of Jesus.!

Our flesh so easily succumbs to doing the things we never thought we'd do, to being unfaithful to the very One who called us. Paul says in Romans 7:15, What I don't understand about myself is that I decide one way, but then I act another, doing things I absolutely despise (The Message).

And yet...

God is faithful.

Our failure doesn't surprise him. His love for us doesn't change. He will fulfill His plans for our lives, no matter how unfaithful we are to Him. That's His way...

And for that I am thankful!


  1. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO thankful that God is faithful.

  2. I would be lost in a pit without God's faithfulness! I love him so, but my love is nothing compared to His limitless love for me.

  3. I am loving reading your give me such inspiration and are teaching me alot...Love ya girl...

  4. Sherry, meeee toooo! You know!!!

    Jamie, I'm right there with you.

    Ginny, thanks for the encouragment. Glad you're here! Love you too!