Behind the Blog

One of my passions is singing about Jesus. But there was a point in my life when I made selfish decisions and walked away from everything I knew to be true about God. I quit singing for about a year. I thought I might never sing again. But God, in His grace, gave me another chance to sing. And now I am able to sing believing He is good, and He is for my good. Thus, the name A New Song to Sing.

I distinctly remember being in the very midst of hidden, rebellious sin, standing in front of my then-church family, and singing the song, What Sin? The song's lyrics are about God's grace, and how He forgets our sins and removes them as far as the east is from the west. And I as I sang those words that day, I was choking on my own sin. To this day, I say that it's a wonder God didn't strike me dead on that "stage" in the middle of that song. I really thought that was probably the last time God would ever allow me to sing.


He makes all things new! He restored me. He healed me. He lavishes His grace on me. He allows me to sing. He allows me to sing to Him!

I can look back at that song, What Sin?, and think how appropriate it was that it was the last song I sang while in my sin. And now those lyrics are my story! That song has new meaning to me now!

Now...about my blog button: The treble clef with a cross in the middle is deeply significant to me. You see, in 2006, in the midst of my sin, I came very close to getting a tattoo. (Disclaimer: I have absolutely NO problem with tattoos...or body piercings, for that matter...but, at the time, for me, it would have been an act of rebellion.) I thought long and hard about what kind of tattoo I wanted, and where I wanted it. What I came up with was the treble clef and cross because music and church had always just been part of my life. I wanted it on the inside of my right ankle. 

I didn't get the tattoo. But that symbol represented my sin...until now. It now represents God's grace in my life. And it reminds me of the place I don't want to go back to. It's a public symbol of my story.