Friday, December 17, 2010

The Scar From My Something

We ALL have something. THE something. The one thing that defines a season (or seasons) in your life. On more than one occasion I have heard a lady give her testimony in which she says (I’m paraphrasing):

There WILL come a time in your life when it comes down to just you and God.

The first couple of times I heard her say that I couldn’t imagine what would bring me to a point where it came down to just God and me.

For the first 30 years of my life, God was my “spare tire.” When I needed Him, I’d find Him and use Him. Otherwise, I just tried (unsuccessfully) to be a “good girl” in order to make God happy. I’ve never had an immediate family member die. I never had to deal with my parents divorcing. Pretty much, life rolled along with somewhat normal ups and downs until I hit 30. I never realized I needed Him every second of every day.

My crisis came halfway through my 30th year. To read the rest, click here to visit my guest post on (in)courage.


  1. Just hopped over from InCourage to let you know what a blessing your post was today! I'm definitely still in the midst of some scar making experiences, and your reminder was very timely!
    Have you ever heard the Point of Grace song that says, "Heal the wound, but leave the scar"? Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Rebekah, I just got an email from (in)courage and I settled in to read your post....I was in awe of it. I immediately came to read your sweet blog!! And I cannot tell you how everything I read reminds me of myself! I am 33, I used to be super close to God and for the last 6 years I have felt him missing. I've been told (and yes, I agree) that I am the one not hearing him not the other way around. I am waiting for that "scar"...I'm afraid I will get it, but maybe that is what I need to reconnect with him. :( I've read some of your other posts and I really can't tell you how I really am relating to what you've written...I cannot wait to go and read more!! Thank you for putting yourself out there for others to learn from. I am a new follower for sure!!

  3. Rachel, thank you for the kind words. I hope your scar heals beautifully! I've not hear the POG song, but I just read the lyrics. I completely identify with them! Thanks for the info...I'll be sure to listen to it!

  4. Ashley, thank you for your honesty! Don't be afraid of the's proof of healing. And while the process is sometimes painful, it is worth every minute of it! I'm so glad you're here. And thank you for your sweet comments.

  5. Beautiful post. I wrote a similar post a few months ago.

  6. Amazing how when we quit picking at the festering sore how we heal and how welcome that scar is once we can wrap our minds around it!! I loved my sore for years. I was careful to keep it festering. So many are stuck there. There's comfort in that sore that you know. There's fear in what we don't know, even if the unknown is better than the sore!

    If I can help one person keep from developing a sore or if I can be a part of one person's epiphany, my scar is a thing of beauty.

    Of course, I regret/ repent of all my wrong with the sore... but the scar is not to be regretted. It's the sign of a miracle that happened in my heart. It wasn't a process for me, but a moment. A moment I will never forget.