Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My 100 Joys: 38-42

The joys of Monday, 12 days before Christmas:

38 - On Mondays, I get an hour and a half to myself while the girls are at art class! It's the only time out of the entire week that my kids are not with me. Need I say more?!

39 - The girls brought home some plates they'd painted in art. Each had a snowman on it, and each was distinctly different. I love seeing what the girls learn and accomplish. Grace and Hannah's plates are on display in my kitchen. Emma wrapped her plate to give to Mark as a gift.

40 - I told the girls about the big Alabama snowstorm of 1993, and the ice storm of 1996. It brought back many happy memories. And the girls loved hearing all about what their dad and I did during those two storms.

41 - I taught the girls how to roll out cookie dough and use the cookie cutters. They cut out about 100 cookies. It was fun to watch them be so precise in their rolling and cutting methods.

42 - I also taught the girls how to properly wrap gifts. It's so wonderful to actually have helpers with that chore. They wrapped about 12 gifts last night. They were so excited to finally learn how to wrap! (And I find much joy in teaching them how to do small things like wrapping gifts that we never had time to do when they were in "real" school. Homeschooling at Christmas is the best!)

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