Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My 100 Joys:66-70

My joys from Monday...5 days before Christmas:

66 - I got the house almost clean! And almost clean is better than completely nasty!

67 - I enjoyed some crafting time while working on a Christmas project. It's been a really long time since I've "crafted."

68 - I went to a local church's ministry house and saw many people volunteering their time to help others during this busy Christmas week.

69 - I had the opportunity to meet a mom who has faced harder times than most people will ever know, and she gave me the sweetest gift I've ever been given...a letter she'd written to her daughter. I won't share details of her story, or the letter, but those few minutes brought me pure joy.

70 - I experienced first-hand the generosity of many people. I put out a call for a little girl's Christmas wish that I'd heard about, and people responded like crazy! It brings me such joy to know that on Christmas morning, a little girl will get to open a gift that she really wants; if not for the generosity of many people, it wouldn't be possible. I've seen and felt the spirit of giving through this experience.

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