Thursday, December 16, 2010

My 100 Joys: 48-53

My joys from Wednesday and Thursday...too tired to count how many days til Christmas!

48 - The girls and I met my dad at the MacWane Science Center for a fun field-trip day. Santa's workshop occupied the top floor. And it was awesome! The girls had a great time playing in the fake snow, carpet sliding, and looking at all the toy trains. I love watching them play and experience new things. Joy!

49 - I had the opportunity to give away a surprise! I love surprises...whether I'm receiving or giving!!

50 - Joy! I've made it halfway!!

51 - I was able to see my sister's new salon location! After knowing how hard she's worked, I was happy to see the payoff. She has a beautiful new place, and I was glad to spend a little time with her. (And my hair looks great too!)

52 - We added a new member to our family...a Maltapoo named Maggie. We're so excited, and have already had a lot of fun with her. Many more joys to come, for sure!

53 - I heard Grace sing her solo on stage at Candlelight rehearsal. Oh my goodness! I am one proud mama! (Nothing like being a sweaty, nervous wreck in anticipation of your child singing!)

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  1. Reading your list of Joy filled moments has made me smile. It is so good to see and know that joy is found in daily life, though sometimes we need to look a little harder. Good job! AND, I am so excited for you to be featured on (in)courage!! Makes me smile big and huge! I think I see Relevant 2011 on your calendar!