Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My 100 Joys: 43-48

My joys from Tuesday, 11 days before Christmas:

43 - We had friends over for a homeschool Christmas party. Some friends we've known a long time; some we've just met. We had a wonderful time! We ate pizza, decorated cookies, drank peppermint punch (joy!), decorated gingerbread houses, and swapped gifts. It was fun to celebrate Christmas this way!

44 - I overheard my friend's daughter sweetly telling my other friend's daughter: Christmas is about Jesus' birthday. It's not about Santa. That sweet moment put joy in my heart. Sherry, you're a great mom!

45 - I found a surprise in my purse after all our friends left today: a new coffee cup that says "chocolate" on the front. I love it! And I love surprises!

46 - Ah! A blissfully restful one-hour nap today!

47 - There's joy in watching Mark play with the girls. This evening he was dancing his silly dance, and the girls would run up to him and do what they call the booty bump. I'm sure you all are familiar with that!

48 - We went on our annual ride to find the house with the best Christmas lights. We loaded up in the van, armed with hot chocolate, and rode around to different neighborhoods while listening to Christmas music. We also visited our local firestation. They decorate their yard space with all kinds of fun toys and lights, and allow kids to play. We watched the girls play for about 15 minutes...too cold to stay any longer! brrrrr

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