Sunday, November 7, 2010

Football vs. God

I realize that by the time some of you finish reading this post, you'll be ready to give me a piece of your mind. Please, don't. This is just my personal opinion and experience. It doesn't mean I'm right or wrong on the

Yesterday Mark and I took our two youngest children to their first college football game (...War Eagle...ahem...). They were excited because we had built their excitement. When we arrived in town, they were wide-eyed. By the time we got to the stadium, they couldn't wait to go inside. They were in awe over how the band formed AU and USA. They thought it was neat how the band played and the flags flew every time we scored a touchdown. However, they were more than ready to leave by half-time.

If you're from the south, you know that football is practically a god, whether it's toy bowl or SEC. I like football. I have my favorite team (see above paragraph). But I wouldn't say that I love football. I'm not passionate about it. I don't get overly excited about it, although I do enjoy it for entertainment's sake. It doesn't necessarily enrich my life, other than the opportunities for social gatherings and good food. (I know...I'm speaking sacrilegiously in some of your opinions!) And I don't go to games often. But when I do, whether it's high school, college, etc., there is always one question that pops into my mind:

What if I (and the masses in the stadium) were this excited about God?

The same thought came to mind yesterday. I let my mind elaborate:

We spent $30 per ticket (which was fairly cheap). Then we spent $$$ for food and drinks. What if we put that much money toward feeding the hungry?

Our entire day revolved around the game. What if we spent that much time telling others about Jesus?

These questions can be asked of any form of entertainment. I'm not saying that entertainment is all. Again, these are just thoughts that come to my mind.

This morning we went to church. I'm usually in the choir for the music portion of the service. Today the youth choir was singing, so the adult choir had a break. We walked in a few minutes late, and were looking for a seat among all the people standing. While the worship leader, youth choir and praise team led in an upbeat song about our Savior, I looked around the congregation. I made the following comment to my husband:

What a bunch of deadbeats.

Very few people were singing, and I didn't see anyone around us smiling. Yes, I know that was judgmental on my part. But the thought process from yesterday had come to mind, and I wondered if those same people show excitement and enthusiasm at football games. And if so, why not at church? Here again, I don't show a lot of excitement at football games, nor at church. But, I do wear a smile when I sing. And I sing...loudly...not because I'm good, but because I'm worshipping. And, I DO worship...I have a reason to worship. I have a Savior who has saved me from my destructive self.

Next Sunday when you're in church, think about the big game from the day before, and ask yourself if you're as excited about worshipping God as you were about the game.

O clap your hands, all peoples; shout to God with the voice of joy. Psalm 47:1

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