Monday, November 8, 2010


People disappoint. Sometimes we're the ones doing the disappointing. Sometimes we're the ones experiencing it because of what someone else has or hasn't done. I've been on both sides. I've caused deep disappointments. I've felt disappointed. Disappointment comes when our expectations are not met.

I have a tendency to question God, and sometimes get angry at Him, when I'm disappointed. My thought process usually begins with:

Well, God, You had the power to change this situation, so why didn't You?

I'm learning to bypass those thoughts, and move straight to:

Okay, God, what now? This is for a reason. I know You love me, so what happens next?

He gave me this answer today in a song:

Praise anyway...worship Me you love Me anyway...even your disappointment.

In my disappointment, I'm learning to seek His glory.

What about you? Where do you allow your thoughts to go when you are disappointed?

1 comment:

  1. I'm big on reaccessing my expectations at that point: What Truth did I miss? Where am I out of balance? Why am I wanting my way instead of God's? Why is what I thought was good not righteous? Why doesn't it bring God glory? In whom is my trust? Why do I wish to place it in myself or others when we fail?

    When I get straight with God and get myself on His wavelength, there is no "praise anyway" or "worship anyway" because my disappointments are put into perspective. Praise and worship come naturally because I realize His worth and my slavery to Him, not as something to do because I have to do so. Sometimes I do need to just praise or worship through something I don't understand, but mostly I find that I don't "get" it because I don't take the time.