Friday, November 5, 2010

A Few Random Things

A few things you might (or might not) want to know about me:

My favorite Starbuck's drink is a non-fat white chocolate peppermint mocha, no whip. When I can't make it to Starbuck's, I fix my own imitation with chocolate truffle coffee and peppermint mocha creamer.

I was raised the youngest daughter to a Southern Baptist pastor. My mom says I was in church nine months before I was born. Being a Southern Baptist kind of drives me crazy, but I doubt I'll ever leave it.

I decided one week before school started this year to homeschool. Oh my! I didn't know what I was getting myself into! But I love having my girls home with me!

Singing and writing are my passions. When I go extended periods of time without doing either, I feel like I've lost part of myself.

I don't like surface talk. Chit-chat about mindless topics drives me nuts. I'd rather hear what's on your heart, and I'd rather tell you what's on mine. (Unfortunately, those conversations are few and far between. Most people prefer chattery surface talk because it's easy.)

Four years ago I made a disaster out of my life. I'm glad God is faithful when I am not.

I have one friend I know I can call for anything. I wish I had more friends like that.

I love the book of Psalms. Without a devotional guide that tells me to read a certain passage, I'd probably never read any other part of the Bible. The Psalms have gotten me through the past four years.

Something I've longed for, but never thought would happen is finally happening. I'm excited. And nervous.

I have no desire to ever work in a corporate setting again. None. I love being home with my family. I would eventually like to do some freelance writing.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite times of year, followed closely by Easter. I detest Halloween.

There are several blogs I read on a daily basis, or at least when they update: Sarah Markley, Serena Woods and Jenni Clayville. I think you should check them out too!

Tell me something about yourself!


  1. I'm a random blogger who came across your bloggy page from a friend.
    Superficial and fake people drive me crazy. I would rather you be honest and real with me instead of putting on a happy face and patronize.
    Coffee is my drug of choice and the variety of creamers makes me smile.
    I love music and am married to a musician, but I am not musical.
    I have yet to find God's will for me, but I'm searching.
    I think you would like to read Ann Vans-somethingoranothers blog, A Holy Experience. Beautiful words.

  2. Brandi, thanks for sharing about yourself! I do sometimes read Ann Voskamp's blog...mostly I read her on incourage. should try butterscotch-toffee coffee with vanilla caramel creamer. Good stuff!

  3. Oh you must add Ann Voscamp on your reading list... The holy experience by Ann Voscamp. You will be blessed.
    I personally subscribe to at least 35+ blogs and enjoy the 'wisdom' of women.
    I like your blog. I also don't like 'small talk' give me your heart hurts...
    take care.

  4. Well - I'll kinda work from your list.

    I don't drink coffee. I never developed a taste for it, and I'm sensitive to caffeine.

    I love to write but I'm not sure how great my writing is to anyone but me, but I love to do it anyhow and hope that maybe one day I could get paid for it.

    I don't like surface talk either and for years, I never even knew how to do it. Now I can, but I currently don't know many people who want to go dig deeper, which saddens me. I often feel unsatisfied in relationships with others as a result.

    God is my constant. Everything else changes all the time.

    Though I hate saying this because I don't want this to be true, Christmas is the most stressful time of the year for me.

    I've added Sarah Markley to my reading list.

    And I wish I had really known you when we were kids in church together. You seem like a cool kid to me.

  5. Tftd - Thanks for sharing! I too enjoy reading the "wisdom of women." Blogging is such a great tool!!

    Jamie - I love your statement: "God is my constant. Everything else changes all the time." And I'm glad you added Sarah Markley...I LOVE her posts! She's so honest in them!

  6. Lol@ your comment that small talk is easy!! IMO, it's the most difficult form of communication to think up banial topics. I'm the same about preferring deep convos.

    I love seeing your heart! It's beautiful!!