Monday, May 14, 2012

Unwrapping My Daughter's Words

I have cryed, I have lied but you still love me. And I love you.

Those are the exact words {misspelling included...which I love} that my daughter wrote on the mother's day card she made me.

My heart absolutely melted at those words. My first thought was, Oh, yes, baby girl, how I love matter what!

Then I immediately thought how appropriately those words describe my relationship with my Father:

Dear God,
I have cried. I have lied. But you still love me. And I love you.

There's so much to unwrap in those few words:

I have cried...
because I was afraid You'd no longer love me
out of desperation
over ridiculous things
because I felt completely alone

I have lied...
too many times to count
about more things than I care to remember

But you still love me...
and I can't even comprehend why
and I'm so thankful You do

And I love you...
because You first loved me
because Grace is continually saving my life
because You offer second chances over and over

Yes, God, I have cried. I have lied. But...You still love me.

And I love You.


  1. so real... and even if we didn't lie, omission is very similar, sometimes we choose to not tell, yes he still loves us, no matter what. His love is deep and wide and so great.

    1. I'm amazed over and over by His unconditional love!