Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Walking Broken

I'd just finished reading a timely post by Lindsey over at lifelivedfully. I looked up from my reading and watched her take an evening stroll. I'd never met her, but I'd heard about her recent tragedy. Admittedly, I'd been too scared to go over and introduce myself before this point. I was afraid of rejection...afraid to get out of my comfort zone.

But I took one step after another right out of that comfortable place. And I interrupted her stroll. I quickly passed through the necessary introductions and got to the heart of the matter. I told her I'd heard of her tragedy, and that I'd been praying for her. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she told me of her hurt. Straight from God out of my mouth came a verse I can't remember reading anytime recently: He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. (Psalm 147:3) She didn't respond, but she didn't reject either. And now a door has been cracked to share in her hurt, to offer her grief to God on her behalf.

Broken people walk among us...painted smiles hiding hurting hearts. As Christians we know we're this time, in this place, among these people...for a reason. We have the opportunity to offer Hope to a broken and hurting world. But we must be willing to put one foot in front of another and walk right out of our comfort zones. When we do, something us.


  1. Something changes in us...when we look beyond ourselves and listen to God and His whispers. You did that. You listened and obeyed and even shared a verse you don't even remember, it was God inspired for the moment. What a wonderful testimony of opening our eyes to see and our hearts to share. I will be praying for you and for her.

  2. Love this! I left a comment last night on my phone but not sure if it went through. Great linked article. I am saving this one for sure! Enjoy your blog so much.

  3. Sharon - your comments are so encouraging. :-) God's whispers. I love that!

    Amanda - Thanks for reading! I love Lindsey's posts. They always make me think about things from another perspective.

  4. Rebekah,
    beee-yoo-tee-full post.
    If we all just could be set free by our brokenness..knowing that in this place His LOVE,not our good deeds sets our hearts free to be all that He wants for us in this life.
    Love your words...keep writing. lindsay