Friday, April 15, 2011

A Reminder

I sat on my front porch with wet eyes. I was in complete awe of God. I didn't know what to do with myself. I was so humbled, and yet so excited. And...

my friends weren't answering their phones!!!

I just couldn't even contain myself. Lost in the wonder of God showing off, I flipped my hand in the air to wave as a car passed. It turned around in the cul-de-sac, then pulled in my driveway. It took me a second to snap out of the moment I was having with God to realize it was my friend, Misty.

What are you up to?

She hopped out, opened her trunk and presented me with something I've been wanting for a while: a painted, burlap cross for my front door.

Just because.

And, once again, God showed off. In that moment, he gave me a friend in the flesh {not on the phone} to share my excitement. Through my friend, He gave me a cross as a visual reminder of what He'd done that day. When I look at it, I will always remember.

That cross. A reminder. Of what He'd done.

I remember.

And as I prepare for Easter, I think of the cross. Of that day. Of the Gospel. Of what He did. Of Him loving me enough to die for me. Of Him taking my sin upon Himself. Of grace and mercy.

That cross.


  1. Great post Rebekah... I have been pondering this morning the fact that Jesus was willing to be forsaken by God so that I could be forgiven... it is from my reading out of The Incomparable Christ... thinking of that has humbled my heart and made me even more thankful for my free gift of salvation... Oh, the riches of His grace, love and mercy!


  2. what a beautiful post and a great reminder that 'our' God is good.

  3. OMGOsh, what a beautiful reminder! I love you so much girl!