Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love Too Young

21...too young. But there I stood at the top of the large stairway, awaiting my entrance into the double doors. Hair curled perfectly, makeup carefully applied, elbow-length gloves disguising a french manicure and sweaty palms, a heavy bouquet weighting down my arms. Chosen songs echoed through the slightly cracked doors.

My wedding day, nearing fourteen years ago. The day went as perfectly as could be planned by such a young girl.

I stood there naieve {not to be confused with innocent}, awaiting my prince charming. Marriage was going to be all roses and chocolate.

I can't say for sure as I stood there minutes before I entered covenant, I knew love. Almost ten years of marriage passed before I knew love...how to receive it, how to give it. It was no fault of my prince charming that I didn't know it before that point. He tried, repeatedly. It was my selfish heart, expecting fantasyland that kept me from knowing love.

The day came when love dropped tears of sadness and forgiveness on my head. It was that instant when my selfishness gave way to undeserved love...the love of my covenant partner who'd tried in vain for almost ten years to give it to me. Until that point, I hadn't accepted what he offered. And I certainly hadn't offered any in return.

Four years down the road from that day, love blooms. Sometimes love needs extra care. But, sometimes, love just is...and in those times, I am keenly aware of my prince charming's ability for unfailing love.


  1. I was 19, he was 21. We had no clue about real love when we married, though, of course, we thought we did. Some days, I look at him now and am so thankful that he is one God intended for me. Our past 13 1/2 years have been smooth and rocky, but today we both have a much better picture of true love. He's my lobster, ;)

  2. I had no business getting married when I did. I had no idea and was not ready...yet God has blessed us with almost 19 years of marriage...14 of them joy full. It took 5 years of growing up and I regret those wasted years. But instead of wish things would have been different, I make sure they are different now.

  3. I followed you from Ann’s

    This is a beautiful post – especially when read between the lines. I’m glad your Prince charming was – well – so consistently charming :)

    Thank you for this.

    God Bless

  4. This is beautiful. I think very few new brides (me included) know what real love is when they marry. We are full of such unrealistic expectations and worldly views of love. God bless you and your husband!