Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Yesterday I wrote about girlfriends, and my experience in losing them. Today, I write about my best friend:

We now joke that she stalked me into being her friend. She's the persistent, talk-your-ears-off kind. But early on, when we'd just met, we shared a conversation that would set the tone for our friendship.

I dropped the kids off at school that day, called to tell (not ask) her that I was headed to her house, and asked her what drink I could get her from Starbucks. I showed up at her house ten minutes later still in my pajamas, Starbucks drinks in hand, ready for coffee talk (all totally out of character for me at the time). She didn't disappoint. I sat at her kitchen counter while she hovered over dirty dishes, and we talked...about everything. I found her to be surprisingly and refreshingly transparent and honest. Our conversation was comfortable, the kind that flows from life-long freinds. Within minutes, I found myself unloading my past, which I was still sorting through.

She didn't judge. She didn't offer promises of pious prayers, or quote Scripture to me. She just listened. She let me tell my story. And occasionally she asked questions, not so much out of curiosity, but more from wanting to understand. When the conversation became heavy and intense, she offered witty one liners to lighten the mood. But she also offered wise insight to my insecure and hurting heart...she's familiar with the messiness of life.

We've had countless similar deep conversations since that day several years ago. She consistently offers me the type of friendship we began back then. She lets me ramble, chatter, vent, question, doubt, and sometimes, just sit silently. She helps me put circumstances and situations into perspective. Just last night, she sent me a private message that made my eyes mist over with thankfulness for her insight.

She's taught me how to be a friend...a real friend. She's inspired me to be a better friend, a better mother, a better wife, a better transparent Christian. I count myself blessed to have her in my life. What I lost a few years ago among several people, I gained (and more) in my very dearest friend.

Love you, Ash!


  1. This is beautiful! I wish every girl had a friend like this. I am so thankful I do!!

  2. Friendships are so important. I have a few 'good' friends who love and encourage me and I pray I am doing the same for them in return. Take care