Monday, October 11, 2010

Redeeming Love

I held the secret, I had no rest
When you asked, I nodded yes
I watched you fall to your knees
The tears stream down your cheeks

I'd never seen you in pain like once you knew
I'd never before been the one to hurt you
Time stopped in that moment on the floor
It never went back to the way before

The days stretched out before us with pain
It seemed like a never-ending rain
We didn't know which way to run
It would've been easier to come undone

I watched you suffer all alone
We reaped the consequences of what I'd sown
Your mercy became my comfort place
You showered me with undeserved grace

Our healing was hard and slow
We both had places we had to stretch and grow
Throughout all the shame, the push and shove
One constant remained: your redeeming love

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