Thursday, September 20, 2012

On Giving Up And Determination

I'm impatient. For sure, I'm extremely grateful to be running again, but I so badly want to be back at my pre-boot pace so I can move on to half-marathon training. But...I'm just not there due to several reasons:

I gained eight pounds while in the boot. And eight pounds slows a runner!

My leg still hurts. I didn't follow the doctor's orders exactly, so I'm still dealing with some pain.

Due to my lack of exercise for eight weeks, the hills in my neighborhood are now kicking my tail. My breathing becomes labored, my lungs feel like they're going to explode, and my legs burn, so I sometimes have to slow to a walk when moving uphill.

I have excuses to give up. However,

I refuse to quit!

I refuse to hide behind eight pounds. I refuse to let a little pain stop me {that's why we have Advil, right?}. I refuse to let a hill cause me to give up and sit on the curb.

While I won't time myself right now {because, really, I just don't want to be discouraged}, I continue at my slow pace with determination. I'm giving myself grace while I rebuild strength and endurance.

I just keep reminding myself that I have bigger and better things awaiting me: a half-marathon in February!

There have been hills mini-mountains in my journey lately. There's been baggage to weigh me down. Hurt has been a given in my life over the past year. But I am determined to keep moving forward.

No matter what others say, there's no time table for working through the process of healing and forgiveness. We simply must keep walking through it with determination when we find that we can no longer run.

And as difficult as it may be, sometimes we have to abandon whatever discourages us until we find strength...because discouragement doesn't just affect us physically as does running; it affects our hearts and souls.

In order for our hearts and souls to heal, it's necessary to give ourselves grace and allow ourselves to live in it. After all, we need to prepare ourselves for better days...


  1. Thank you for this post. Although my situation is different your post really spoke to me this morning.

    1. Cindy,
      So glad to hear from you! I'm glad you can relate to my post! Hope you are doing well!!