Thursday, August 9, 2012

No Texting While Driving Law...And Grace

One week ago Alabama enacted the no-texting-while-driving law. For someone whose phone is practically connected to her hand, this law has been a hard one to follow. But each time I've grabbed my phone to text, my girls have been quick to remind me that it's against the law. They even threaten to tell my husband if I proceed! Tattlers!!

Before last week, I lived in text-while-driving freedom. It probably wasn't wise to do so, but there were no laws preventing me from it. Now every time I see my phone while I'm driving, I'm reminded of what I cannot do.

I use that ridiculous analogy to illustrate the freedom of grace and the bondage of the law. Because of Jesus, grace is available. Unfortunately, many Christians focus on the law, which leads to focusing on behavior...not only their own behavior, but everyone else's too. These are the same ones who run to God with I did my part, now make them do theirs! {Tattlers, anyone?}

Focusing on behavior is like trying to walk with chains on the feet. The constant focus is on not falling. In addition, it keeps you from walking, even running in freedom.

Jesus fulfilled the law...the entire law, not just the Ten Commandments. He fulfilled the Old Covenant, and in it's place, established the New: grace.

...then He said, "Behold, I have come to do Thy will." He takes away the first in order to establish the second. Heb. 10: 9, NASB

When we live in grace, we live in freedom...freedom to love Jesus passionately. We don't have to focus on our behavior {or anyone else's} because our focus is on Jesus. Yes, we will absolutely stumble...and sometimes fall...{and, no, I am not saying grace is a license to sin}, but Jesus is the provision for our mistakes. He made the way for us to get back up and continue walking {even running} in grace.

For sin shall not be master over you, for you are not under law, but under grace. Rom. 6:14, NASB

Note: I've not even touched the tip of this law/grace iceberg. For an in-depth, easy-to-read, fabulous explanation, I recommend Grace, The Forbidden Gospel by Andre van der Merwe. You can download it for free here.

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  1. It's good that these laws are being enforced in more and more cities and states. As more convenient features are added to cellular phones or more commonly, smart phones, the laws become more specific and more strict as well.