Monday, August 30, 2010

Is your spouse too different?

Does your spouse complement you? No, not compliment. I'm not asking if your spouse tells you when you look nice or when you've done something great. I'm asking if your spouse possesses a quality which you lack. Mark complements me.

He's diplomatic; I'm fiery.
He's rational; I'm emotional.
He responds; I react.
He saves; I spend.
He thinks before he speaks; I blurt things out.
He likes a plan; I like spontaneity.

All these differences used to bother me. I thought we were too different. I thought we didn't have anything in common. Now, I know better. We're like two pieces of a puzzle that when put together fit perfectly. God created us to be different in the same areas. Our differences complement one another. Today I'm thankful for our differences. He completes me.


  1. lovely! Thank you for this piece!

  2. Thanks, Jamie! It only 13 years of marriage for me to figure this out! ;-)