Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fifteen Years

Fifteen years ago today, I stood atop the church steps waiting to enter the double doors. I felt nothing short of a princess in my elegant white dress, elbow-length gloves and handmade veil. My prince and fairytale life were waiting for me at the altar. At 21, I was naieve enough to believe that marriage would be perfect. And it was...until we almost missed our flight to our honeymoon destination. It didn't take long for stress to become a factor in our marriage. I guess that's true for any marriage.

I look back over fifteen years and realize that fairytales are just that...fairytales. More importantly, I realize that love never fails. Our marriage has been marked by breathtaking mountaintops; deep, dark valleys; and everything between. When my husband would've been totally justified in washing his hands of me, he extended grace and mercy. He, more than any pastor or Bible teacher, has taught me of God's unconditional love.

Today I'm celebrating fifteen years of being married to a man who is rich in love, grace and mercy. He's my best friend and my biggest encourager.

Mark, thank you for fifteen years of growing in love together! Happy Anniversary!

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