Wednesday, June 6, 2012

About Not Writing

I don't consider myself a writer. But I think I've recently had some form of writer's block. I stare at a blank screen for hours...literally. I spend all day thinking about what I'll write for the next day's post. Nothing much write-worthy comes to mind. And what might be worth writing about just gets stuck in my brain. I can't force the words to my fingertips in coherent sentences.

My friend reminds me of some Bono saying (and I'm probably terribly misquoting): When you can't seem to write, write about that.

So here I write...about not writing.

I looked back through my archives to last June, and realized I didn't write much then either. Maybe the issue is adjusting to having the girls home all day, every day for the summer. After all, I am apparently now their primary source of entertainment.

In addition, I'm working on a project that's requiring more brain cells than I think I have. It's stretching me mentally, spiritually and creatively. I've been consumed with everything from excitement to anxiety over this project, and mentally switching gears to write about something different hasn't been easy.

All that to say...

Writing is one of my passions, and I find it terribly frustrating when I can't express myself through written words. It reminds me of my life before I found outlets for my God-given passions. The one word that describes those years is trapped. So when words...good words...finally flow, I experience relief, elation!

So today I write about not being able to write...simply because I have to write.

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