Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Macy's: My Great {Unmet} Expectations

Expectations. I usually have very few. But I had great expectations for the Macy's in NYC. And I was sadly disappointed.

I was expecting some grand, pristine entrance beckoning me to spend every last penny I had. Instead, Mark and I almost missed the entrance from the sidewalk because there was nothing announcing, Macy's here! Come in...spend your money!!

Inside, a long, dirty hallway under construction guided the customers like cattle into the less-than-spectacular jewelry department. I was so disappointed with Macy's that Mark and I took the opportunity to use the restroom, then left. We didn't explore the store, nor did we spend one penny.

Macy's entrance
I've learned that expectations are often dangerous. I think it's why there are so many articles about surviving the holidays during November and December. We expect that somehow everything that's been wrong during the year will suddenly be made right over the holidays, when instead, stresses and tensions usually get worse.

In addition, we usually have expectations for every area of our lives:


We're left hurt and angry when our expectations go unmet. And I suppose some of you may be like me and look for the nearest exit when life doesn't turn out quite like you expected.

Had I moved past my unmet expectations and shopped in Macy's, I might've found something I just couldn't live without. But I didn't dare risk more disappointment. I gave up too easily and too quickly.

It's wise to sometimes set aside expectations and focus on having a positive attitude as life unfolds around us. It's wise to persevere when we do have expectations that go unmet. It's wise to trust that God is sovereign, and He is faithful.

Above truth, there is only one in whom we should put our great expectations: Jesus...who is able to do exceedingly abundantly beyond all that we ask or think (Eph. 3:20).

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