Thursday, April 19, 2012

Grace Stories

I've heard some interesting stories lately. You know those people you think are super spiritual and have it all together? They don't. It's possible that they're just the most afraid of sharing their stories, whatever they might be. While it would be easy to say that the church is full of hypocrites {which has often been my own opinion}, I am encouraged to be finding that there are more and more people like me. People who struggle, and who understand their desperate need for grace. People who understand that even their best deeds are as filthy, disgusting rags before God.

I've been told more than a few times that Christians shouldn't air their dirty laundry and struggles. While I agree that there are circumstances in which our stories should remain hushed, maybe even private, I am certain that in those instances in which we share our stories because the Spirit prompts us, a degree of healing takes place that otherwise might not. Healing for the story teller, and healing for the hearer. When I am the teller, it's often the case that God speaks words through me that I could never speak on my own. When I am the hearer, God shows me that I'm not alone, and that He often uses our wounds and weaknesses more than our strengths.

The thing I'm learning from these stories is that redemption is a constant, but restoration is a wild card. Redemption is found through the blood of Christ...that will never, ever change. While restoration comes from God, He doesn't always restore in the way we expect. In fact, complete restoration may not take place on earth. Yet the person who experiences redemption and even an ounce of restoration cannot be silent.

When we experience

the faithfulness of God when we've been unfaithful,
the goodness of God when we've been everything but good,
the love of God when we've turned our backs on Him,

we can't help but wildly proclaim grace.

I'm thankful to know people who have stories that could easily compare with those found in the Bible, such as the life stories of Abraham, David, Rahab, and Peter. Never undersestimate the power of God in your grace story.


  1. Good and powerful words. Yes all of us have stories and they all have a potential to change another.

  2. Love this! I am thankful you and I have found the connection that we have.