Thursday, September 22, 2011


I used to:

  • be adamantly what used to matter to me no longer does

  • be a I won't vote based on party

  • believe in the death I'm not so sure

  • judge people who don't go to I sometimes wonder why I go

  • think people at church were as sinless as they I know better

  • think grace was too easy, too I know its transforming power

  • not know a thing about real I'm learning

And that's the short list...


  1. You know, I could write a very similar list coming from the opposite end...

    -I used to be adamantly leftist, now I have a different sense of how people work

    -I used to presume it was only Democrats would represent what I wished, now I listen to everyone

    -(I grew up Catholic so the death penalty's always been wrong to me... I can't see that one changing, truth be told)

    -I used to judge people who did go to church, Now I go myself

    -I too also used to think church goers were somehow sinless, given the strict codes they live by. The realization that *everyone* is human and sins warmed me up to people who may be superficially holier than thou because I also now know better, and don't feel like it matters

    -I used to give love and grace too easily. What I mean by that is that I failed to ensure that those I was obligated to got enough of me, and were adequately safe. I had a naive approach to the world. I am more cautious now, because I need to be.

    -I am also learning about true love. It's a beautiful thing to get to know.

    I think we all are meant to figure out what we need to know, though we all start in different places, you know?