Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Accounting

Some might call me weak. Some may say my faith is watered down. Some surely find fault with the measure of grace which I desire and pour out.

But it is this very grace that has changed transformed me.

The old me, who was quick to speak and slow to listen, who was prideful in my goodness, who was assertive in my opinions, who spouted off my beliefs without considering another's, who was obnoxious to the point of damaging other Christians and non-Christians alike, is mostly gone. Traces, unfortunately, remain. But I hope I am mindful.

You see, it's not some book by an author, some song by a musician, some sermon by a pastor, or some advice from a friend who brought about this radical change in me.

This change is nothing short of God's grace poured all over me, and the desire He placed in me to see it poured out on others. The grace for which I fell flat upon my face, weeping and begging.

And until you've experienced that same grace that cleanses filth, you may never understand me. But be faith is strong, my love is real, and the grace I offer comes from none other than Christ alone... from the same Jesus who did not cast stones at a sinful woman, but instead, offered her redemption...from the same Jesus whose anger was often directed at the Pharisees who were nothing but hypocritical.

Think not that I am weak or that I am led astray. Think only that I am striving to live by the grace which was lavished so abundantly upon me.

And if along the way, by design, God uses some book, some song, some sermon, or some advice to grow my faith, I am forever grateful to the ones who were obedient enough to Him to make it available to me.


  1. I know about this. I love much because I'm forgiven much.