Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How Did I Miss This?

It's common knowledge; yet, somehow, I missed it!

I knew the lineage of Jesus was filled with people who had sketchy pasts or who were "nobodys" in the world's eyes. Somehow, some way, I missed David's wife, aka Uriah's wife {which, by the way, is how it is listed in the genealogy}, aka Bathsheba.

Duh, right?

But it just never occurred to me. I guess I was more focused on David since he's the more popular figure. But, yep, she was there. She birthed Solomon. This woman who, we assume, chose to have intimate relations with the king, a man not her husband.

What a dirty, little secret David and Bathsheba had...until it all blew up in their faces. The consequences of their evil were grave....literally. The illegitimate child born to them died. David's household was filled with evil for the rest of his days. The guilt and shame they must've felt. Sheer torture, no doubt.

And, still...

David and Bathsheba are both listed in the genealogy of Jesus.

How beautiful that God took their evil, their sin, and redeemed it. What hope it gives to the woman who has blown it, who has no one to blame for her actions and consequences but herself!

Bathsheba, Uriah's wife
Bathsheba, adultress
Bathsheba, widow
Bathsheba, new wife to David
Bathsheba, mourning mother
Bathsheba, living in a household of crazies
Bathsheba, mother of Solomon
Bathsheba, listed in Jesus' family tree

Talk about a life! One sinful choice...redeemed! Redemption displayed for the rest of eternity in that one family tree!

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