Friday, October 28, 2011


The awareness of death, especially in tragic situations, is often a reminder to the living. This week has brought that awareness for me.

It's so unnatural for parents to outlive a child, yet today my friends will say a final earthly good-bye to their 19-year-old daughter. And as Mark, the girls and I, along with hundreds of other people, visited the family last night, her Dad said to me, Hold on to them while you can.

He reminded me to hold on to my precious children who I'm so quick to fuss at when they aren't doing things like I want. He reminded me to make memories of the little things, like sticking their heads out the car window and letting the wind whip through their hair. He reminded me to make videos of them singing, dancing, telling jokes...of being their silly, little selves. He reminded me to say I love you every time they walk out the door. He reminded me that no disagreement with them is worth a lifetime of regret. He reminded me that every moment I spend with them is a gift. He reminded me that I'm not promised to have them tomorrow.

Please pray today for the Ward family as they lay to rest their precious Rachel.


  1. This is so hard and so sad. No parent should have to get to this point of grief, I will be praying for them as the holidays approach us. It is incredibly hard to comprehend. thank you for sharing this note for us all to realize, our loved ones are precious.

  2. I will pray for the Ward family - precious is life