Monday, August 8, 2011


Jane married young, confident of the bright future ahead of her, but life hasn't turned out quite like she expected. She never expected to single mom of three at thirty. She never expected her ex-husband to be a dead-beat dad. She never expected life to be so hard.

Jane works diligently 40 hours per week at a decent-paying job, but it's just not enough to make ends meet, much less have money left over for extras. Paying the rent, utility bills, and childcare fees eats up her paycheck. Her small children don't get the pleasure of  summer vacations or even a night out at the movies. Her pillowcase is stained from the tears of worry that stream down her cheeks each night when she finally puts the day to rest.

School starts soon. Jane isn't worried about getting her children name-brand backpacks and shoes. She doubts she'll be able to afford backpacks and shoes at all. She can't even afford groceries and toiletries for her own family. She wonders how in the world she'll afford school supplies.

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