Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not the Only Freak

Tornadoes are common in Alabama in the spring. Before last Wednesday, many of us didn't take the threat of danger seriously and went about our business. So last Wednesday morning, I set about on my storm-day routine. I don't know why, but when I know severe weather is on its way, I start cleaning. It's habit. I posted this on Facebook:

Is there such a thing as "nesting" before a storm??? I feel the strong need to get my house clean before it starts... Weird.

Now I could ramble on here about being prepared for the storms of life. Yes, that's important. But, instead, I want to take another route.

That one post received 27 comments. I was shocked at just how many other people have the same habit as I do. Cleaning and baking before a storm seems to be pretty much commonplace. I had no idea! And I don't think any of the other commenters did either. It was as if we all thought we were the only ones, and were quite surprised to find out other people did it too. I even posted this comment later in the thread:

This cracks me up. Y'all know I'm going to have to write a blog post about this: I expose my secret storm habit, thinking I'm a freak, only to find out there are a bunch of other freaks out there too!

Secrets have a way of making us feel lonely, like we're the only ones in the world who are carrying that burden. When we take the risk of exposing our secrets to others, we are usually filled with angst. But, often, an amazing thing happens. We often encounter many others who are hiding similar secrets, and feel the same loneliness as us.

It's a refreshing thing to live in have a few, trusted friends with whom you can identify. I'm finding more and more of those friends...people who are willing to be authentic and transparent, to share life. I can't adequately describe the bond that develops between people when they share secret life experiences. I'm finding that I'm closer friends with people I hardly know than with people I've known for years. There's something to be said for transparency and authenticity:

Sometimes it just helps us realize that we're not alone, and that there are a bunch of other freaks out there too!

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  1. I concur, FRIEND! Granted, the REAL mystery here is, 'do the Yankees do it too?'